Food nobody (n.) An unknown foodie. A person who is passionate about the culinary arts but doesn’t have a book published, does not have a celebrity chef as a friend, has never appeared in a food show, does not own a deli/restaurant/cafe, and has never been interviewed in a food-related capacity.


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  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog this morning – I adore your banner! And it’s always great to meet another South African foodie blogging abroad. Thanks for the link – I plan to add you to my African blogroll soon. In fact I am thinking of doing a blogroll specifically for SA expats that I have discovered. I’ll definitely be popping back here for a visit 🙂

  2. Hello and congratulations on your gorgeous blog! I’m quite enjoying reading what you post and seeing your lovely photos.

    If you haven’t already read my blog (shameless self-promotion, here), please do: You might even like to put a link to Mexico Cooks! on your blog roll. I’d be honored.

    Please let me know.



  3. Hi Indressa

    Jeanne here from Cooksister! Hope you are well? I wanted to let you know I have created a directory of SA food and wine blogs as a sort of central repository for all things SA and edible – here’s the link:

    I would also like to spotlight a blogger each week by getting them to tell us a little bit about themselves – if you are keen to play along and hopefully get a bit of exposure, the questions are below:

    1. Where are you – in South Africa or out in the wide world?

    2. How long have you been blogging?

    3. What do you enjoy the most about food or wine blogging?

    4. Any downsides or frustrations?

    5. What or who are your inspirations to cook, drink and write?

    6. Where and when do you like to blog?

    7. What’s your signature dish or favourite wine?

    8. What other food or wine blogs do you read?

    9. Favourite restaurant?

    10. For my last meal on this planet I would order…

    If you have any other suggestions as to what we might want to have appearing on the blog, SA foodie events or news, please feel free to let me know – all suggestions welcome!

    Many thanks,


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