Baby on board


It’s just over three weeks before our baby is due and I’m contemplating what staples, pre-prepared dishes and food items we will need to stock the store cupboard, freezer and fridge with to see the husband and I through those tough first weeks of bleary eyes and sleeplessness.

I don’t want us to just be eating easy stuff, though, like fish fingers or Swedish meatballs – I want a good nutritional balance, with colour and vitamins and protein, and taste!

For someone who can spend days contemplating a dinner party menu, this simple task is a right challenge, and I’m not feeling very creative… So far, I have jotted down the following: Chicken and lentil soup, chicken curry, bolognaise sauce/ or a nice chilli, meatballs(!), burgers, dhall (yellow split peas/ or red lentil) curry, a veggie pie.

But there’s also the limited freezer space to think about…


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Food nobody (n.) An entirely unknown foodie. A person who is passionate about the culinary arts but doesn't have a book published, does not have a celebrity chef as a friend, aunt, cousin, dad, has never appeared in a food TV show, does not own a deli/restaurant/cafe, and has never been interviewed in a food-related capacity - ever.

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  1. Congratulations!! You must be so excited (terrified, but also excited!!)

    How about adding cottage pie to your list; or lots of plain white fish fillets that you can defrost and then bake in oven topped with tomato & cheese; or spinach and feta? Quick, easy and healthy! Or my favourite easy peasy standby – oven bake a few chicken thighs in a bottle of Nando’s basil, sun-dried tomato & peri-peri sauce and freeze for later.

  2. oh I so know this feeling! We make a lovely spicy chickpea curry with brown rice, you can add frozen spinach to it. really easy and quick, as quick as defrosting!! also very italian and easy and full of good stuff, couple of tablespoons of olive oil, one peeled but not chopped garlic clove, let it flavour the oil, then pour in a can of passata and let it cook, reduce a bit, pour this on wholewheat spaghetti and sprinkle with parmesan, sounds boring but it is delicious and was one of my favourite meals after I had both of my babies!! xxx

    ps love love love your site, made your cinnamon rolls! xxx

  3. spicy chickpeas, …..roast some cumin seeds 1tsp, till smell lovely add 1/2 tsp of coriander powder, 3/4 tsp of chilli powder, 3/4 tsp garam masala, then put in can of chickpeas, add 2tblsp of water, and let them roast away, sprinkle with coriander. again sounds non eventful but it is gorgeous!! great with pitta and salad, really quick, good lunch!!

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