Monthly Archives: August 2008

Baby on board


It’s just over three weeks before our baby is due and I’m contemplating what staples, pre-prepared dishes and food items we will need to stock the store cupboard, freezer and fridge with to see the husband and I through those tough first weeks of bleary eyes and sleeplessness.

I don’t want us to just be eating easy stuff, though, like fish fingers or Swedish meatballs – I want a good nutritional balance, with colour and vitamins and protein, and taste!

For someone who can spend days contemplating a dinner party menu, this simple task is a right challenge, and I’m not feeling very creative… So far, I have jotted down the following: Chicken and lentil soup, chicken curry, bolognaise sauce/ or a nice chilli, meatballs(!), burgers, dhall (yellow split peas/ or red lentil) curry, a veggie pie.

But there’s also the limited freezer space to think about…