Tasty Thai Chicken Curry


Red Thai chicken curryEvery now and again I get this intense craving for a hot red Thai chicken curry. All the way home on my scooter, at red lights and pedestrian crossings, I was ticking off ingredients in the cupboard and fridge and making a list of what I’d need to buy – coconut milk (reduced fat!); lime; fresh ginger. No lime leaves unfortunately, but there were satsuma leaves in the fruit bowl and I was contemplating using this as a substitute. I can’t make curries too hot however, seeing as I’m cooking for a partner who, while he enjoys hot food, does not have as much of a resistance to heat as I do. After all, I have been raised (virtually!) on curry.

Back at the ranch, out comes the wok, left over lemon grass from last week’s Thai cooking extravaganza, chicken breasts, ginger, lime, and I decide to add some red pepper and petit pois for some extra colour and flavour.  I also find some ready-made red curry paste which will make this a whole lot easier, and also means I will have to forego the satsuma leaves.

I pour a little oil (extra virgin rapeseed on this occasion – gorgeous nutty flavour) into the smoking hot wok and add some freshly grated ginger, frying this a little before spooning in the curry paste, some chopped coriander root, additional lime zest and some of the thick cream skimmed form the top of the tin of coconut milk. I let these have a good fry and as the delicious aromas waft around the kitchen, but before it starts to stick, I throw in the thin strips of chicken. I always feel that chicken thighs used in curries have bags more flavour, but on this occasion, I’m limited to what’s in the fridge. And…I hold myself back from chopping in more fresh red chillies.

I let the chicken brown a little on all sides then add most of the coconut milk to the wok, adding the rest after a few stirs, scraping off all the bits that have stuck to the bottom of the wok. I turn the heat down and let it bubble gently for about 15-20 minutes. I usually prefer the sauce to reduce slightly so it is all thick and juicy and oh so creamy.

I served it on a wonderfully large plate, above a bed of fragrant basmati rice and garnished with coriander. Yum yum.


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