Roast Chicken and Rioja


image289.jpgEthical and organic food shopping can really drain a purse. It’s a real shame that eating well and properly in London – mainly being able to find and buy the best looking and tasting produce – does not come without great effort and added expense. But I value quality and when possible try to buy the best – but unfortunately that can’t be every day of the month.

I often wish I could grow my own food here in the city. Growing up in South Africa we had a wonderful garden and my mum would grow all kinds of herbs, regular and unusual veggies and fruit – from snake gourd, the juiciest cherry tomatoes, water melon and calabash, to baby aubergines, devil chillies, sugar cane, masses of mint and a wide variety of beans. We also had mango trees, banana trees, granadilla bushes, avocado trees, curry leaf, lychees, clementines and a coffee tree which never really bore much.

I’d like to think we had a balanced diet of organic free range chicken, duck, turkey and geese which we grew, and fresh fish which my dad caught (he’s crazy about fishing), and just loads of seafood in general. I’d like to think our omega-3 rich diet is responsible for the Naidoo brain power!

Anyway, we had a delicious free-range organic chicken roast today, excellently paired with a plump, juicy Rioja. It makes heaps of difference to a roast when you buy a good quality bird as opposed the the basic small/medium/large chicken from Tesco or Sainsbury. There’s more flavour that really tastes like chicken the way it did when we reared our own poultry when I was growing up. The flesh is meaty – proper muscle meaty, and the flavours more earthy and robust.

Nibbling on my favourite parts – the drumsticks and wings, and crunching the skin that’s all crispy and gold, I have to say roast chicken is one of my favourite things in the whole world.


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